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Golden coins (arras) Mexican wedding tradition

During the wedding ceremony, after the exchange of vows, the groom offers to the bride 13 golden coins.  The number thirteen represents Christ and his twelve Apostles.  The coins (arras) are brought to the ceremony by a madrina (sponsor or godmother) in a decorative box or on a small tray.  The coins are given first to the officiant (a priest or minister) who may bless the arras and then handles them to the groom.  The groom in his turn pours the arras into the cupped hands of the bride. The meaning of this Mexican wedding tradition is almost self-explanatory.  It invites God-given prosperity into marriage.  It also illustrates grooms commitment to being a provider for his wife and future children.  On the part of the bride the reception of the arras means that she is willing to become a prudent and responsible wife and mother. 




















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