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  You are about to have a closer look at or perhaps even to select a wedding blessing or benediction that will enrich your nuptial ceremony.  In general a blessing is a sincere, frequently pious, invocation that is directed to God with the intention to produce divine favor and benevolence. The person imparting a benediction prompts God, or a deity, to show the kindness and assure that everything goes well for the couple entering the married life.  There are also secular blessings, or non religious, where God is not mentioned.  Such pronouncements resemble more a wish than a benediction from a theological perspective. In their nature they  are sincere desires hoping or projecting something good for the couple.  Whether deeply religious, spiritual, or just secular wedding blessings are always a beautiful expression of the love and care for the bride and the groom who are stepping on the their journey of married joy.   







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