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Catholic Renewal Wedding Vows - Prayer


"... I your husband
again take you, my wife." 








Prayer during Catholic Renewal of Wedding Vows -


This prayer is usually pronounced by the priest during the ceremony of the renewal of marriage vows. 
The vow renewal celebration is traditionally link to the wedding anniversary
although the husband and the wife may renew their wedding vows
whenever they feel such an act of renewing their marriage promises will benefit their matrimony.


Humbly we implore you, O Lord, may it please you
to accept the gift of praise your faithful servants offer you on
the (twenty fifth, etc) anniversary of their wedding,
hat day on which you were pleased to join them together in the nuptial bond.
Wherefore, they renew their vows to you, the living and true God. 
On their behalf we suppliantly address our entreaties to your awesome compassion,
that their years may advance in peace and prosperity,
that they may see their children's children unto the third and fourth generation,
and that they may bless you all the days of their lives.  Through Christ our Lord. 
















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